Residential Valuation

For our real estate clients, we professionally value a full range of residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and specialty real estate properties including land, apartment, villa, compound, building, hospital, school, hotel, resorts, shopping complex, mall, mix-use development, entertainment complex, and under construction projects.

We have a long term experience of valuing properties that are owned by local Emiratis and Qataris. We have home grown captive database available to perform such valuations well. We have Arabic language experts to have level communication with the owners/investors and lenders.

We have already carried out thousands of valuations in the Middle East with the estimated market value of more than U.S. Dollars 10 billion.

W have been serving the valuation needs of Banks, Insurance Companies, Financing Companies, Family groups, Publicly Listed Companies, and Private Companies.

We have been the among the top 3 full range valuation companies in Qatar.

  • Residential, Commercial and Agricultural  Land
  • Residential and Commercial Building
  • Villa and Villa Compound
  • Hotel, Resort and Entertainment Complex
  • Shopping Complex/Mall
  • Hospital
  • School
  • Mixed Use Development
  • Entertainment Complex
  • Under Construction Building